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AJ Mitchell is an author and artist.

He is the President of the Cartoonists of Orange County. He is also a member of SCBWI, CAPS and the NCS. His art has appeared in newspapers, magazines, video games, books and (very soon) in film.

He illustrated and coauthored "Draw 50 Magical Creatures" which was published by Doubleday / Broadway (a division of Random House) in 2009.

He is the first cartoonist in the world to be published on the cellphone and PDA medium. That comic strip, "Hot Rock", went on to be a finalist for the Washington Post Fine Toon Fellowship.

Mitchell is the writer / artist of the graphic novel, "Hector Impala, P.V.", and the comic book "Headcase". Both of these and his 2004 Sketchbook are available for sale at

Mitchell worked for several years in video games and background on that experience can be found on

He is a graduate of Pomona College.