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May 22, 2008


Marilyn Scott-Waters

Wow, Andy! That is beyond awesome!

I wish I could have gone. What a wonderful experience.

When you get a chance rent "Tomorrowland" by Disney. Bradbury appears in the extras and tells a good story.


Linda algazi

Ray Bradbury's passions go way beyond fiction science. My favorite is "The wonderful ice cream suit," about young men who believe that their dreams can all come true if they got to wear a white suit. They chip in to buy it and we get to follow their dreams!


Aww, I've wanted to hear him speak for a long time!! I will keep an eye out for more opportunities!

That is so awesome about your dinosaur drawing. And I love this one, too. :D

Victoria Templeton

How wonderful to meet a master and hero at this particular stage in your life. There are no accidents and since your meeting and drawing was well received and cherished by Mr. Bradbury, it is universal confirmation of like minds and creativity joining forces. I, too, am a Prince Valiant fan from long, long ago. It was the first strip I turned to in the Sunday papers.Bravo on bringing The Page-Hair wonder present again and making Mr. Bradbury smile.A very special rendering.

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